A crossover between lucky and unlucky! Lucky Stamina!

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Game Description


"If there is always a lucky person, there may always be a unlucky person, right?"

Ordinary high school student A has a good luck all the time.

The elevator door opens just in time, takes a picture of the problem and gets it right, and always gets an egg with two egg yolks.

With so much luck, he was living a fairly satisfying life.
Then one day, unlike her, she meets Kim Soo-yeon, a girl who is always unlucky, and Hwang Jin-ah, a crazy pseudoscience believer...

A crossover between lucky and unlucky begins!

■About the game=======

Genre : Dating sim, Visual novel

Playtime : 6~8 hours

Difficulty : ☆☆☆★★
Illustration : 주름


Lucky stamina is a game with a unique sense of humor.

The main character of Lucky Stamina (you) is weirder than the main character of Psychojirai, and the atmosphere of the game is even worse than that of Gran Empire Amane.

Lucky Stamina consistently breaks the fourth wall, and includes a lot of all sorts of low-key jokes, nonsense and pointless plots.

Please pay attention to these humor codes when playing.

■How to play=======

The Lucky Stamina consists of 17 chapters, and each chapter presents a choice.
Users can choose Kim Soo-yeon's option to increase her interest or Hwang Jin-ah's interest.

There are two outdoor dating events and one forced dating event, and the ending is determined by selection at the outdoor dating event and heroines' interest.

Users can increase their interest  with heroines and view 8 endings through various challenges.

*The game is optimized for 1920*1080 (FHD) quality.


Left-click: Select and expand text
Mouse wheel: Rollback

Keyboard TAB button: skip talk

Keyboard CTRL button: skip

Keyboard SPACE button: Hide dialogue window

Game Review

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스토리 스킵이 없음 스킵버튼 눌러도 자동으로 착착 스킵이 안됨

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엔딩 보는 방법이?

유진게임즈 특유의 밈과 개그가 살아있지만...

엔딩 다보기는 여전히 힘들다 ㅠㅠ

아... 찐따같던 어릴적 연애와 헛소리의 기억들이 떠오르네요

너무 개그가 강해가지고 살짝살짝 김빠지는게 있어요 ㅡ,.ㅡ

주인공이 좀 역하긴한데 그럭 저럭 할만함. 오히려 엔딩 찾는 게 좀 짜증났음.

행운과 불운의 크로스오버.

선발대분들...게임 어떤가요???

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