Save the human kingdom in crisis and win the hearts of the leaders of the great powers!

Visual Novel
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Game Description

God save the king of humans!

The Atlia continent, where numerous races coexist, is where the only fittest survives. 

In a world of disorder in which the weak perish and the strong conquer, each has no choice but to survive by oneself.

Elves, who are good at handling time and technology,

Demons who have revolutionized curses and magic

Werebeasts with outstanding resourcefulness and stamina,

and Dwarves, rebels with strong will.

Caught between them was the kingdom of humans waiting for destruction.

But God has not given up hope yet.

You have sat on the throne of man after the prior king.

Save the kingdom in crisis!


Become a king, run the kingdom, and win over the hearts of heroines.

We did our best to incorporate dating sim and strategy.

The game contains more than 10 endings, and you can check out separate CGs.

Game Review

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