VTUBER PARANOIA : Dual Collection

Yuha! I'll start the broadcast! This is a collection of Buttuber Paranoia and art books!

Simulation, Strategy, Visual Novel

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Visual Novel Simulation Strategy
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Visual Novel Simulation Strategy
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Collection Description

Vtuber Paranoia: The Dual Collection contains the following content.

  • the main episode of Vtuber Paranoia 
  • Vtuber Paranoia : Art Book


"Hello, I'm Hiyoru, a new YouTuber!"
It's been three years since I've repeated such greetings.
After being forced to broadcast Hakko, Hiyoru fell into a terrible sense of skepticism, self-destruction, and debt.
Now, the broadcast that I turned on with the thought of being the last broadcast was ridiculous with an unknown algorithm and a huge response
Hiyoru, who suddenly got everyone's attention, became a popular YouTuber(?) and disappeared...
Survive the controversy, the red pill, and the video Donne!
The Survival Story of the New Butuber Hiyoru, "Butuber Paranoia" begins now!

the number of people produced

  • Production: 유진게임즈
  • Illustration: 웃상
  • Spine design: 잡초보호
  • Logo Design: 가르비
  • Illustration: 리미
  • Hiyoru/Ha Yuri: 이세레나
  • Kuro : 유혜선
  • Recording: 플러스딕션

Game specifications

  • Genre: Miyeon-si, visual Nobel, development, strategy
  • Estimated playtime: 7 hours~
  • Composition: 2 types of Spine characters
  • 8 CG illustrations
  • 3 Character Voice 
  • Application The 19 endings

How to play it
Users can broadcast for a total of 30 days.

It will be able to answer the audience's questions, and in this case, the story will proceed according to the answers.

You can check the ending before the 30th, or if you complete the 30th.

Vtuber Paranoia : Art Book

"Vtuber Paranoia: Art Book" is a digital art book that combines the elements of this game and includes the following elements.

  • 14 in-game CG illustrations
  • 2 sets of character illustrations with spines (Hiyoru, Hayuri)
  • Standing Illustration 1 (Kuro)
  • 29 BGMs for In Game6 kinds of commentaries by producers
  • 9 Templelet images with game elements
  • Participating voice actors in full voice composition 3 types (Hiyoru, Ha Yuri, Kuro)
  • 10 works participating in the fan art event of Vtuber ParanoiaInclude a number of other celebration illustrations

※ How to operate it: proceed with mouse click

※ How to operate it: If you are scrolling through the mouse over the button, you can quickly use the button.

※ This DLC can be found in the "vtuber_artbook" folder within the folder where the original version of the "Vtuber Paranoia" game is installed.

※ You can check the full screen image by clicking "HIDE UI" among the options below.

※ The BGM used in the game is a commercially available CC0 grade sound source, and the DLC includes the composers' nicknames and set song names.