Gran Empire : amane

Defeat the demon king in isekai! Adventure of an incompetant lazy hero.

Visual Novel
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97% Recommended (43 Participants)
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Game Description

So... do I have to defeat the demon king from now?

The main character and Lee Hyun-ji, were just ordinary office workers.

The two were summoned by Emperor Eugene Arc of the Esperado Empire, came to another world.

 All adventures you've ever done before was in a game! Defeat the demon king safely and return to Earth!


Your choice matters in each stage.
There are 13 endings, and your choice might trigger something hidden.

About the game=======================
Genre : Dating Sim + Turn-based strategy
Detailes : Stage selection and story

Playtime : ★★★★☆

About the relevance with the previous series=======================
This game is connected with "That summer day", "Gran Empire", and "Roasting Report".
However, it is only a character or a setting reference- you can play this game even if you don't know all the prior works in the series. 

Game Review

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