A thrilling Life with a Game Addict Bishoujo. An in-game friend you stumble upon IRL happens to be an SSS rank heroine?

Visual Novel
Metacraft, Onfire Games
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96% Recommended (124 Participants)
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Game Description

  • Original story ranked #1 in Romance category on .
  • Developed by "Love Delivery" team, armed with minigames and high-quality CGs!
  • 2023 STOVE Indie Awards Winning Title

The main characters of Love in Login are game addict Seong-hyeon Kwon and Da-hye Park, who is online 24/7.

These two once believed that the world of game is all there is in life... until they encounter each other in real life.

The two main characters experience work, youth, game, and love life.

Can they succeed in all aspects of career, youth, game, and love life?

"An in-game friend for over 8 years turns out to be a girl?

Wasn't your ID Flute Fiddler? Weren't we buddies?"

Seong-hyeon, who works at a game company, is waiting in a cafe to sign a contract with the winner of an illustration contest.

That is how he meets Da-hye Park.

Heavy rain started to pour. After signing the contract, Seong-hyeon shares an umbrella and walks Da-hye Park to her home,

but sees that her home has been flooded.

Da-hye Park has nowhere to go, so he takes her to his home...

Why is she so careless?


러브인 로그인 업데이트 안내

게임매니저 2023.12.21 13:28(UTC+9)

[안내]러브인 로그인 일본어 더빙 업데이트 기념 인사, 방송 안내

피아쨩 2023.05.04 16:21(UTC+9)

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OnfireGames 2022.12.24 11:21(UTC+9)

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레모나오란씨비타오백 2023.01.25 19:12(UTC+9)

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