The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

Step into the wacky heroic fantasy universe of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. Lead a team of unlikely and clumsy heroes in an epic and challenging tactical RPG. Live an adventure filled with humor, surprises and silly encounters.

Artefacts Studio
Plug In Digital
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₩ 36,000

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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk - Ultimate Edition

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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk - Premium Edition

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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk - Deluxe Edition

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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk DLC - Ruins Of Limis

₩ 10,500

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk DLC - Splat Jaypak's Arenas

₩ 8,500

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk DLC - Back To The Futon

₩ 15,500

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos Soundtrack

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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk DLC - Goodies Pack

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Game Description

Are you ready to dive into a tactical RPG chock-full of charm, humor and crazy characters?!

They are clumsy, inexperienced and feisty but...they’ll have to endure each other’s company to get the dungeon’s treasure.

However, a feeling of déjà-vu quickly arises...

Guide this team of unlikely heroes in an adventure full of humor and chaos!

The Naheulbeuk universe is an original creation by French author John Lang. It started as a very popular audio comedy series parodying role-playing games and heroic fantasy tropes. Now the story is available in English and as a video game for the first time!

Game features 

- Play with seven classic role-playing game characters complementing each other’s skills as you level them up: 

the Ranger, the Elf, the Dwarf, the Barbarian, the Magician, the Ogre and the Thief!

- Every member of the team has their own skill tree to upgrade their abilities and equipment.

- Choose one of three additional companions to join the team on their adventure! 

- Exciting turn-based battles, with creative support mechanics between team members.

- An adaptive difficulty system: from an accessible and fun story mode with simplified combat to the “nightmare mode” where the smallest tactical errors will doom you!

- An expansive bestiary (more than 100 enemies!) pushing you to think more tactically with every fight.

- Epic boss battles where you’ll have to muster both strength and smarts to emerge victorious!

- Hidden and destructive objects (including beer kegs) with surprising status effects will turn the tide of battle for the better...or worse! 

- Explore a huge and surprising dungeon from the cave up to the luxury quarters of the evil lord Zangdar, passing through the goblin iceskating park and even an extremely lively tavern!

- Escape traps and solve deadly puzzles to unlock the most impressive treasures!

- Bizarre conversations, absurd situations and unusual encounters await!

- Experience an exciting main storyline and many side quests for your heroes

*Controller Supported

[Update] Last Orders Patch

PlugInDigital 2023.07.03 16:51(UTC+9)

(10/21) 출력 오류 업데이트 안내

STOVE인디 2022.10.21 20:14(UTC+9)

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노DLC 노말난이도 보스 원턴킬

바이카루 2023.11.14 03:21(UTC+9)

!!던전오브나흘벅 마우스 클릭 오류 해결법!!

재연이아빠 2022.10.06 14:39(UTC+9)

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한글화는 언제나 환영입니다.

한글화 감사합니다

계정 전환 후 계임에 안 들어 가지는데,  재미있는 게임 화나게 하네요..

바로 연결 되었으면 합니다..


중반에 살짝 지루한데 게임 자체는 재미있습니다.

그디어 다껬당.

본편 : 재일 잼있게 함. 난이도 어렵게 하다가, 너무 스트레스받아서 4장에서 노멀로 바꿈. 노멀이 쉬운건지 아니면 4장이후 쉬워지는건지 널널하게 깨면서 즐겼음. 아이템 아꼈는데, 나중에 엄청 쌓였음.

리미스의 폐허 : 잼있게 즐겼음. 새로운 시스템?이 많이 추가됬음. 단지 가격대비 볼륨이 적은게 아쉬웠음.

배들람의 전장 : 한판 하고 걍 안함. 자유도가 높은 로그라이크 느낌.

백 투 더 푸톤 : 엄청 김. 뭔가 지겨웠음. 새로운 스킬이 추가됬는데, 캐릭터의 아쉬운 점을 잘 보충해준듯. 개인적으로 RPG는 저렙구간 레벨링이 잼있는듯. 스킬이 많아지니 게임이 너무 쉬워지는 느낌임.

나중에 난이도 높여서 하면 잼있게 잘할듯. 포션 너무 많이 써서 전투 후 뭔가 손해보는 느낌이라 난이도 조절했는데. 걍 나중에 장비교체하면 그 장비값이 비싸서 골드 버는거였는데. 좀더 참을껄.

여사제 힐량 증가 스텟이 없어서, 번역 오류인가? 하고 영어로 찾아보니
카리스마 올리면 데미지 또는 힐량이 오른다고 하는거 같음.  

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