데빌리쉬 리그 (Devilish League)

Swing, hit, and bounce! Blast enemies with your heavy bat in this hilarious cartoon roguelike!

Action, Sports, Casual
Team QT
Team QT
User Rating
85% Recommended (7 Participants)
Game Review
3 reviews

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데빌리쉬 리그 (Devilish League) Buy


Game Description

About the game
Devilish League is a cartoon roguelike with heavy bat-swinging action!
You play as the badass Bash and face off against the evil Durahan's team!
Enjoy cool battles, tons of items to collect, and an addictive adventure as you blast away enemies!

Game Features
[1] A charming playing stage with a casual cartoon style
[2] Heavy charging attacks that hit hard with each blow
[3] Play and grow differently each time with various items
[4] Challenging ranking system and monsters to keep you on your toes

The love for Devilish League
- Selected as an overseas B2B exhibitor at Gamescom Asia 2023
- 2023 BIC Busan Indie Connect Festival BIGEM 2nd Edition Selected
- 2023 BIC Busan Indie Connect Festival Rising Star Nominee in Rookie Category, Best Graphics Nominee
- 2023 Neowiz Bangkook Indie Show Exhibition, Official SNS F4 work selected
- Selected as an exhibitor at the 2023 Indie Game Startup Festival
- 2023 Selected as an exhibitor at Daegu Content Fair
- 2024 Contracted to enter Stoveindy in the second half of the year
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데빌리쉬 리그 런칭 안내

게임매니저 2024.03.26 14:06(UTC+9)

[청강크로니클] [데빌리쉬 리그] 방과 후 창작생활 참여 후기

팀큐티 2023.12.10 02:29(UTC+9)

Game Review

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한줄평 : 야구 좋아하는 사람한테는 갓겜!

Q가 이벤토리 상점, 패시브 아이템, 액티브 아이템, ??? 보스전, 등등

슬데 때 해봤을 때도 좋은 느낌이었는데 겜 출시되니 반갑네요

안녕하세요 데빌리쉬 리그 개발팀 "팀 큐티"입니다!
슬데 시절 부터 잊지 않고 방문해주셔서 리뷰까지...
유저님의 성원에 정말 감사드립니다 ! ㅠㅠemoticon image

무료게임이라서 한 번 해봤는데

이것은 돈을 받아야 되는거 아님?

그래픽 깔끔하고 튜토리얼도 쉽게 설명해 주고

게임들어가서 플레이 해보니 찰진 게임 이었음.. 매우 훌륭하잖아...

창모드 지원은 안될까요? 

emoticon image


안녕하세요 데빌리쉬 리그 개발팀 "팀 큐티"입니다!
창모드의 경우 인게임에서 alt + enter 키 입력을 통해 실행하실 수 있습니다!
믿지기 않을 정도로 너무나 좋은 평가 내려주신점 너무나 감사드립니다!ㅠㅠ 망극하옵니다
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