30 Days Another

「30 Days」 that will change someone's life. Perhaps It might change yours, too.

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■ About this Game ■
「30 Days Another」 is multi-ending story adventure game with purpose of suicide prevention.
When the game starts, a death certificate that notices ‘Choi Seol Ah’'s death 30 days later appears.

In 30 days, You play as a manager of Royal Gosiwon, where Seol Ah lived.

You have to find clues associated with her death, and you'll face various choices.

You'll have to make choices to change the future death of Seol Ah as the story progresses.

Play 「30 Days」 that will change someone's life. Perhaps It might change yours, too!

■ Synopsis ■
" I have a death certificate in my hand, of a women who just died.

Though I'm not obliged to save this person,

I don't want any more sad deaths in this world.
Let's be her acquaintance and prevent her death. "

- 'Choi Seol Ah', a student who I (Park Yuna) got to know while working as a manager in Royal Gosiwon
- 'Yoo Ji Eun', a snappy woman with a sharp tone of speech
- 'Lee Hyun Woo', a self centered and flirty man
- 'Lim Soo Ah' a nurse who recently moved into Royal Gosiwon

On my 30th days of work in Gosiwon, Seol Ah is found dead.

If I go back to 「30 Days」 ago,
My words and my efforts might be able to save her life.

■ Features ■
- Details
Through two Gosiwon visits and various interviews with officials, we expressed realistic Gosiwon. 

A narrow room with no windows, noise between floors that anyone can experience, thefts or petty complaints between residents.'

What's going on every day in the Royal Gosiwon?

- Multi-endings
There are 320 endings following your choices during 30 days.

You have to be careful, since it's hard to know which choice leads to what kind of consequences, and how it will affect Seol Ah.

- Cell Phone Features
If you want to know more about the residents of Royal Gosiwon,

check out the features in your phone, such as To-do list, Memo, Avocatalk (Messenger), Profiles, Avocastory and so on.

■ Exclusive contents in <30 Days Another> ■

- [5 new endings] only available in <30 Days Another>

- [Avocastory System] where you can collect the individual story of the characters

- [Cafe AREUMDAUN] , where you can have deep conversations with the characters according to achievement  level 

- [NPC locations] That helps you to locate them on the map 

- [Cutscene Illustrations] and [Cutscene gallery]

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