Black Academy (Secret Plus)


Hell-like school life... It's actually a school run by the devil?! Transform into a magical girl and defeat the main culprits of overtime work! (Side Scrolling Shooting X Roguelite)

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Game Description

*Black Academy (Secret Plus) version includes additional CGs and Contents for mature players.

'School life like hell... It's actually a school run by the devil?!'

Educational facilities that put students to work. black academy

Seniors' unreasonable cravings, overtime work that continues every day

Even the teacher who runs private errands...!

Students who became magical girls after receiving a revelation from the Magical World

Can you stop the demons' plans and go home?

✦ Side Scrolling Shooter + Roguelite

Black Academy collects and grows various spells on maps that change every time,

It is a side-scrolling shooting + roguelite game where you can enjoy shooting pleasure by killing demons.

✦ Magical girl's unique attack!

As you explore the map, you can acquire various spells.

Choose a spell to suit your playstyle.

✦ Magical spells that are getting stronger!

When you acquire an item that enhances the magical spell, the spell changes into various forms.

Discover new magical spells and see how they change.

✦ Cute Magical World friends!

The Magical World friends each have their own story to enter into the devil's barrier.It's a bit cumbersome,

but... it'll be a huge help on my way home from work.

✦ The cause of overtime...! Powerful Demon Bosses!

Demons that feed on dark emotions created through work.

They seek to rule the world using stress, the most powerful force.

Take a step towards work by attacking the pouring boss attacks.


블랙 아카데미 업데이트 (스토브 도전 과제)

CatDoors 2023.12.22 20:04(UTC+9)

블랙 아카데미 업데이트 (1.0.170 버전)

CatDoors 2023.12.07 14:57(UTC+9)

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(장문) 스토브 업적 100% 달성 기념 플레이 팁

덤비면문다고 2024.01.30 00:09(UTC+9)

플레이 영상 및 팁 몇가지

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Game Review

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가볍게 하긴 무리 없지만

세이브를 못해서 겜 할때마다 첨부터 다시 해야된다

괜히 산듯 업데이트도 없고 검열만 계속 당하고 

슈팅 게임에 아기자기한 캐릭터 그리고 스토리~

이거 꽤 재미나잖아~

플로리스 다크니스 쿠폰으로 좀 더 저렴히 구매했습니다~

emoticon image

게임이 친절하고 캐릭터가 맛있어요!

emoticon image

게임은 할만한데.. 노란색 확률이 너무나도 낮아요.
게임 몇판 다 클리어까지 했는데 노란거 한번을 못보는 경우가 있네요.

확 강해지고 적 쓸어버리는 재미가 없으니.. 애매합니다.

emoticon image

케릭터가 귀여움

네네 일러스트 보고 샀습니다. 뭐 똥 손이라 이것마저도 힘드네요

다회차 플레이를 통하면 쉬움 난이도는 누구나 깰 수 있음.

장르 특성상 운이 많은 요소를 좌우함.

19금을 걸었는데 검열이 있는건 아쉬움

게임 슈팅 플레이는

재미있는데 결말이 허무하고

시크릿 플러스마저 검열이 들어갔습니다....ㅠㅠ

너무 아쉬운 게임입니다.

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