Popping Jelly

Bursting Jelly is an interesting puzzle game, which consists of simple manipulation and various levels. Below is a detailed description of the game.

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Game Description

Game Goals
The goal of the game is to complete and clear tasks given at each level. The main task is to burst all the jelly displayed on the screen, but various goals can be given for each level. 

How to play the game:

Screen Touch: The game is controlled by touch. Place your finger on the screen and drag to aim.

Aiming and projecting: When the aim is complete, project the jelly by taking the finger off the screen. The projection speed and angle are adjusted according to the distance and direction between the touched point and the release point.

Clear Level: Clears the level by bursting all gummy within a given number of times. As the level progresses, more jelly or complex obstacles may appear.

Game Features

Different levels and levels of difficulty: The game consists of different themes and levels of difficulty. Each level offers new challenges and puzzles to attract players.

Graphics and Sound: Beautiful graphics and rich sound effects enhance the enjoyment of games.

"Bubbing Jelly" is a game that provides players with fun with easy operation and various puzzles. Try different levels and have fun in this game that requires different strategies and quick hands! 


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Game Review

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마치 당구처럼 사탕을 한번의 조준만으로 필드내의 모든 젤리를 맞춰야 합니다. 젤리 모양을 보고 맞췄을 때 각도가 어디로 튈지 예측해서 플레이하면 됩니다. 뒤로 갈수록 장애물도 생기고 장애물과 젤리가 계속 돌기도 하기 때문에 어려워 집니다.

단순한데 의외로 중독성이;;

처음엔 킹 받는 느낌이었는데 하다 보니 의외로 할만하다!

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