Growing Mushrooms Mushrooms : Idle RPG

Suitable for players of all ages, growing mushrooms that are fun, challenging and addictive to play: neglected RPG

RPG, Defense, Casual
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Game Description

○ Story ○ 

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful land called Mushroom Kingdom.   

The mushroom kingdom was full of all kinds of cute mushrooms, and everyone lived happily ever after.

One day, the evil wizard attacked the mushroom kingdom to get mushrooms. 

He kidnapped all the mushrooms and brought an era of darkness and despair to the mushroom kingdom. 

The mushrooms didn't know how to fight against the sorcerer's tyranny. 

They were so small and helpless. But one of them, little red mushrooms, didn't give up.

 He decided to find a way to save the mushroom kingdom by defeating the wizard. 

The little red mushroom traveled and found a way to fight against the wizard in search of another mushroom.

 He traveled to forests, mountains, and the sea and met many different mushrooms. He met blue mushrooms, 

yellow mushrooms, and purple mushrooms. He met mushrooms big and small, and he met mushrooms that were strong and weak.

 He met all kinds of mushrooms, but they all had one thing in common. They all wanted to defeat the wizard and save the mushroom kingdom.

 Little Red Mushrooms and his friends went on a trip to the Wizard's Castle. They had to meet many enemies along the road, but they never gave up. 

They finally arrived at the castle and faced the wizard.The wizard was strong, but the little red mushroom and his friends were able to beat him. 

They took away the wizard's power and saved the mushroom kingdom. 

The mushrooms were so happy and called the little red mushrooms heroes.   

Little red mushroom didn't want to be a hero. He just wanted to save the mushroom kingdom.

But he was a hero to the mushrooms, They knew they would never forget him. 

operationSilver Red Mushrooms and his friends are back in Mushroom Kingdom. 

They met with the king and queen and said they defeated the wizard. 

The king and queen were so happy and gave a big treasure to the little red mushroom.

Little red mushrooms didn't need treasures. He just wanted to save the mushroom kingdom. 

But he accepted the treasure to the king and queen. He will use it to make the mushroom kingdom a better place.

Little Red Mushrooms and his friends lived happily in the mushroom kingdom.

They defeated the wizard and the mushroom kingdom was peaceful and prosperous. 

○ Game elements ○ 

1. The game is set in a mushroom kingdom

2. Players fight against enemies while protecting mushroom kingdom

3. Players unlock new mushrooms and build their own team

4. Players improve mushroom kingdom and make it a better place.

5. Various enemies and bosses appear in the game

6.The game features a variety of mushrooms and abilities

7. Various places and environments appear in the game

8.Games have beautiful graphics and animations

9.Interesting sound and music for games


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