Smart Block Puzzle

A game in which you manipulate blocks and fill them horizontally to win.

Puzzle, Strategy, Casual
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Game Description

You have to make as many lines as you can by rotating and moving various shaped blocks to fill in 

the empty space. Game over when blocks reach the top of the screen. Difficulty increases, requires quick judgment and strategy, 

and if you make lines in succession, you can get high scores. Challenge victory with optimal placement and block management. 

Move (left and right): Move the block left and right using the left arrow key or right arrow key.

Rotation: Use the up arrow key to rotate the block clockwise, or the down arrow key to rotate counterclockwise.

Acceleration (move down): Press the down arrow key to quickly move the block down.

Hard Drop: To bring the block to the floor immediately, press and hold the space bar or down arrow.

Hold (Block Replacement): Some Tetris versions allow you to hold blocks. Up arrow keys


스마트 블록 퍼즐 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

게임매니저 2024.03.12 14:34(UTC+9)

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