A love story that changes everyday life comes to a black company where one endures.

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Black Heart

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Game Description

The new work "Black Heart" from the Black Academy developer Catdoors is a love story set in a black company!

Second half of 2023.

Enduring a life of just putting up with things at a black company, a change finally arrives in the form of a love interest who will change the protagonist's everyday life.


"Has the resigned rookie returned!?"

Lee Geuntae is a deputy at the black company Meteor, enduring and putting up with

things even when faced with absurdity. One day, as usual, he brings coffee to his boss

upon arriving at work, but due to the boss being particularly touchy, Geuntae accidentally spills coffee all over him.

As the boss's curse words echo through the office, Geuntae simply bows his head and endures.

Suddenly, the sound of water and the boss's scream can be heard.

Geuntae looks up in surprise to see a familiar woman standing next to him as the boss, now drenched in water, stands behind him.

"Why are you just standing there?" she asks.

It's her first day back at the company, and it's their second meeting.


블랙 하트 - 연차란 스탠딩 (NEW)

CatDoors 2023.12.14 14:55(UTC+9)

블랙 하트 - 티저 영상

CatDoors 2023.11.24 14:53(UTC+9)

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