Join a flourishing settlement in an idyllic valley and seek a peaceful life as you search for a way to restore your clan. Farm, rebuild, make friends, explore, and train. Will you find your way to immortality in this earthly paradise?

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Game Description

Immortal Life is a beautiful single-player management game where you play as a member of a cultivation sect.

Fleeing the destruction of your community, you discover a breathtaking valley where a young community welcomes you with open arms.

You set yourself to work relentlessly, decided to help your new brothers and sisters make this settlement grow and flourish into a prosperous village.

The path to immortality rests in your heart as much as in your hands
You are tasked with taking care of the crops – but often, people will need a pair of extra hands to collect different kinds of raw materials, hunt more food, or build new facilities.
The more you help your brothers and sisters, the stronger your relationship with them will become – as they open to you, you will get new items, missions, and skills.

The valley itself is waiting for you to know it as well – a wonderful place, full of secrets to learn and discover.

Strengthening your bounds with the whole community, and finding happiness in it, is as important to your spiritual growth as successfully managing your village.

Focus on the present, on every small step that leads you to your ultimate goal.

Enjoy the beauty of your valley, and make it grow through care and hard work.

Will you find your way to immortality in this small paradise?

Key features in the Early Access version
- Help your brethren in making your new home prosper and flourish. Farm and hunt, learn to trade, build new facilities, and much more!
- Improve your relationship with other members of your new community to unlock interesting new missions, abilities, and objects.
- Explore a huge map, a breathtaking valley sculpted in beautiful 2.5D consisting of four areas, and learn all its secrets.
- Experience life in the valley along the four seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter), each of them with its own special crops and unique events.
- Choose freely how to spend your days in the Valley.

- Find the right balance between reaching your goals as a cultivator and enjoying idyllic country life in this small paradise.
- Live a long-term adventure to restore the status of a lost clan of soul cultivators and live the Chinese religion and mythology like never before. 

《이모탈 라이프》 세이브 및 언어설정 문제 해결 완료

2PGames 2024.02.22 15:59(UTC+9)

《이모탈 라이프》 세이브 및 언어설정 관련 공지

2PGames 2024.02.21 17:30(UTC+9)

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시작하면 결국 공장을 만들것 같네요

한국어라 여기서 구매했어요

정식버전으로 업데이트 되었다고 해서 잠깐 해봤는데 생각보다 재미있네요

유튭에서 게임소개 보고 구매하고 싶었는데  이벤트가로 잘 구매햇습니다. 스토브 한글화라  좋네요

스토브는 한글이야

무협 게임 풍 오랜만입니다.

중국어가 다소 어색하지만 중국 무협 영화를 보는 느낌이네요.

그래픽은 어렸을 적에 했던 열혈강호가 생각나는데, 게임은 무협이 아니라 스타듀벨리 같네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

살수기고 창고고 맷돌이고간에 설치가 안됩니다

메인퀘스트 진행을 할 수가 없네요

늦게나마 답변을 달자면

창고 맷돌 전부 밭에만 설치할 수 있습니다.

그리고 밭에는 잡초가 없고 개간이 되어 있지 않아야 합니다.

그래서 플래이 영상 보면 밭에 장식들을 배치하고 있습니다.

무협이 감미된 스타듀밸리?

업데이트하니 기존 데이터 전부 다 날아가서 식겁했는데 한 번 더 업데이트하더니 다시 살아났네요
근데 파일 불러올 때 이렇게 뜨는데 뭐임??

세이브 불러오고 저장은 문제없는데 괜히 ㅋㅋㅋ!!

클라우드 아카이브가 불안정 합니다. 

라는 뜻이라고 합니다.

아직 클라우드 세이브연동 관련해서 문제가 있는듯 

This game’s achievements 72



Max affinity with Xie Wentian reached

Practice Makes Perfect

Max affinity with Yang Ziqin reached


Max affinity with Chen Yuanzhou reached

Great Wealth

Max affinity with Ji Yaohua reached

Ingenuity & Originality

Max affinity with Wei Hong reached

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