Island Farmer

Arrange the farm islands and see your archipelago expand. Just swap the blocks of a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Mens Sana Interactive
Mens Sana Interactive
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Game Description

Farms are set up in islands over calm and clear water.
In this tiny fantasy experience, that is easy to do and very relaxing, just like a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Carefully observe the island, try to memorize it, then shuffle the blocks. Swap blocks to reproduce the desired island and it will compose the archipelago.

There is no time limit, no logic challenges, nor resources to manage, so you can calmly just focus on the core mechanics while listening to a soothing soundtrack.

- Click on two blocks to swap them,;
- Turn the camera around the island;
- Focus the camera on a block;
- Zoom in and out to see details or the big picture;
- If you need, preview the expected arrangement.
- 20 different diorama-like islands. UPDATE: a new archipelago with 6 additional islands.

See your island come to life as you complete certain sectors.

As you progress building the islands, see your archipelago expand and evolve in the background.
With clear skies, fresh air, and crystal clear water, among animals and listening to the sounds of nature.

Game Review

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인스턴트 파머랑은 조금 다른 퍼즐이네요. 인스턴트 파머는 물길을 만들어 농작물들이 다 잘 자라도록 하는 퍼즐이었는데 아일랜드 파머는 단순한 퍼즐입니다. 

처음에 섬의 배치를 알려주고 그것을 외워서 똑같이 배치하는 퍼즐이라 기억력 퍼즐이라 할 수 있겠습니다. 그래서 훨씬 쉽긴해요.

뭔가 소소하네요 

힐링 타임 이네요.

게임도 쉽고, 그냥 예쁜 퍼즐 맞추는 느낌이네요

소소하게 재밌을거 같네요

나름 재밌을꺼 같습니다.

머리 비우고 가볍게 하기 좋은 퍼즐 게임

무난하게~ 재밌습니다~~ 

퍼즐아닌 퍼즐.. 답안지를 바로 볼수있어서 그냥 보고 맞추면 되는게임.. 뭔가 아쉬운...

난이도 다른걸로도 나왓으면 좋겠다 개인적으로 너무 취적임

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