Some Some Convenience Store / Yena After Story

Find out what really happens after Yena Bang's ending

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This DLC product requires the main game.

You need the main game, Some Some Convenience Store , to play this DLC.

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Some Some Convenience Store / Adela After Story

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Game Description

Find out what really happens after Yena Bang's ending

Our hero runs into a major personal problem and must seek the help of the security company where Yena Bang works.

When work and love get all mixed up...

Will the two be able to hold their relationship together?

This game features:

- A storyline equal in length to Yena Bang's storyline in the main game, presenting plenty of new events for the player to enjoy

- The ability to add new security elements around the store to keep you and the merchandise safe

- New costumes, backgrounds, and character art

- A vocal track performed by Yena (voiced by Myeongho Lee)

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썸썸 편의점 치트키

STOVE164839285332712 2022.09.06 00:11(UTC+9)

분식집 다음은 편의점, 썸썸 편의점 재주행 완료!

Ank앙크 2023.01.09 16:36(UTC+9)

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