Miracle Snack Shop

Try to find love while managing a Korean snack shop.

Visual Novel
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Game Description

Fully Voiced Dating Simulation

Try to find love while managing a Korean snack shop.

Manage your own snack shop as you try to win love and success! Feel the characters' emotions as you listen to the Korean voice acting in this detailed visual novel.

Due to financial troubles, our main character is gifted his own snack shop. 

But one day, a mysterious portal appears in the attic apartment, and a queen from an icy realm jumps through!

How are you going to balance love and business as the story plays out before your eyes?!

Features of this game:

–Improve your cooking skills and unlock new recipes to increase your store's profits.

–Run promotions to spread the word about your little shop.

–Select the path you wish to follow as you live through a variety of special events. (Fully voiced in Korean/Story equal in length to a novel)

–Earn more money to unlock the various endings and character art!


'기적의 분식집' 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

STOVE인디 2022.12.15 15:50(UTC+9)

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이 명작을 지금 플레이 했다는것..

Linov 2023.04.05 22:27(UTC+9)

기적의 분식집 DLC리뷰

카시라시 2024.02.06 14:21(UTC+9)

Game Review

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빙수가 이쁘고 왕비님이 맛있어요!(?)

분식집에서 빙수 먹기 좋아!

DLC때문이겠지만, 본편만으론 스토리가 붕뜨는 감이 있는게 아쉬웠습니다.

그림이 이뻐서 기대가 됩니다!!

너무 잘 만든 게임

얼마나 재밌을지 기대된다

근본 미연시

emoticon image

emoticon image

나온지 오래되서 그런가 전체화면하면 화질이 좀 별로라 아쉽네요

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