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Game Description

On the fateful day I tried to escape this harsh reality, I fell into a mysterious world.
I began to explore my surroundings with the girl I met there, only to stumble upon others of the female persuasion.
And as I did, the secrets of this world came to light.

- Staying true to the visual novel genre:
A new story from Workingdog, the writer who gave us “My Girlfriend is a Mermaid?!” and “The Fox Awaits Me.”
This game is a completely new work based on the motifs set forth in Workingdog’s 2013 release “A World with No People.”
This game is jam-packed with a captivating story for you to enjoy (boasting the largest game-to-price ratio of any game released by TalesShop on Steam thus far).
In addition to the length, the entire story is contained within the main game (no DLC required).
* For those players who only wish to enjoy the story, we have included a way to reach the end of the story without utilizing the included gameplay mechanics.

- Explore the world of the game through a variety of quests:
There are a number of quests included that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of the game.
Frightening beings could be lurking around every corner. Explore for yourself to get a taste of the atmosphere of this mysterious world.
With 17 quests in total, there are plenty of experiences to be had.

- More fun at your fingertips:
There are always new ways to enjoy this new world as you attain “Memory fragments” through your progress in the main storyline and additional quests.
Take a break and learn a few things in the side stories.
Unlock new skins for your heroines to use as they depart on quests.


'그녀의 세계' 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

STOVE인디 2022.12.15 15:51(UTC+9)

Game Review

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테샵 최고의 작품임 던전로드로 실패했는지 이번에는 신경 많이 썼네

진짜 '그녀'의 세계네 

무인세계와 색다른 맛이라 기대됩니다!

지금까지 했던 한국 비쥬얼노벨 중에서 가장 괜찮은 작품이었습니다

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최근에 테샵 게임들 해보면서 이 게임도 평이 좋아서 구매했습니다

게임평이 좋아서 구매했습니다.

3가지맛을 즐길 수 있는 게임 그리고 일반적인 미연시를 생각하면 안되는 게임


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