“The world you once knew is gone.”Leave your bunker and explore a world that’s gone through 500 years of change. Witness countless stories and intriguing events with your own two eyes.


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In a late 21st Century world ravaged by war, civilization meets its end. A group of survivors hides in a massive bunker, hoping to escape the devastation of war. Passing through countless generations, 500 years passed. Until at long last, the bunker’s heavy doors finally opened to reveal a world transformed, unrecognizable to those who were trapped inside. Explorers are sent on expeditions to pioneer these strange new lands on the surface above. You are one of these pioneers, the Explorer of this bunker.
Chaos looms on the horizon across the continent. Different forces struggle for control as the bunker’s Explorers walk steadfastly into the eye of the storm. Every action has consequences, bringing the world one step closer to its salvation, or its destruction. Countless trials and choices await you and your expedition. Everything is up to you.


  • Shambles is a text-based RPG combined with a roguelike deck-builder. Become one of the bunker’s Explorers, and explore the outside world and the stories it has to offer. As you come across various situations, choose your actions carefully to complete your mission.

  • Once a battle begins, the game shifts to turn-based combat with your current deck. You’ll need to use the right skills and cards to lead yourself to victory.

  • After you’ve cleared all the events in an area, you can choose the next area to explore. Travel from one nearby area to the next, and explore the vast world outside the bunker. Somewhere on the continent, hidden areas and secret dungeons await. In between and even during exploration, you can adjust your character’s current build. You can change your stats, buy and equip new items, and even unlock new skills to use the next time you’re in combat.

  • Though keep in mind that some cards and equipment are only available after you clear certain story events. Uncover secrets as you unravel the mysteries of a world in Shambles.


  • Explore the Vast Continent of Eustea
  • Multiple Endings to Discover
  • Choose From a Variety of Cards, Skills, and Equipment
  • Create Records of the New World
  • Navigate Between Countless Possibilities
  • Immerse Yourself in Strategic Combat




샴블즈(Shambles) Demo


샴블즈(Shambles) Demo

당신이 알던 세상은 이미 멸망했다... 벙커에서 나온 탐험가가 되어, 500년의 시간이 흐른 새로운 세상을 탐험하고, 다양한 이야기 그리고 흥미로운 사건들을 직접 마주해보세요. 당신은 세상을 다시 파멸로 이끌 수도 혹은 평화롭게 할 수도 있습니다. 모든 것은 당신의 선택에 달렸습니다.

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DEMO_블랙 하트


DEMO_블랙 하트

꾹 참고만 살던 회사 생활... 일상을 뒤엎을 그녀가 찾아온다! 블랙 기업 속에서 벌어지는 러브 스토리 <블랙 하트>

Visual Novel STOVE ONLY G-STAR2023
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There is NO PLAN B - Episode 1 [수사편]


There is NO PLAN B - Episode 1 [수사편]

2070년, 사설탐정 B는 사기를 당해 큰 빚을 지게 되고... 당장 내일 살아남으려면, 어떻게든 이 사건을 해결해야 한다!! 내러티브 탐정 어드벤처, There is NO PLAN B!

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The Garden of Silvergrass


USD 14.24

The Garden of Silvergrass

"Are you living the present?" a romantic visual novel with a Fox spirit!

Visual Novel Funding Pack G-STAR2023
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30일 어나더

USD 14.00

30일 어나더

누군가의 삶을, 어쩌면 당신의 삶을 변화시킬 「30일」속 또다른 이야기

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