Coloring Book for Kids

From our hearts to all the children around the world - Coloring Book for Kids, a new coloring app specially designed for our little ones. Spend some creative time with your children and surround them with beautiful coloring sheets!

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With our children's best interests in mind, we’ve created a coloring book with 17 carefully chosen categories with up to 35 coloring sheets each.

Choose from a wide range of coloring pages, make sure that you find a category your kids love. Is it a cute dog? Or a cat? Or beautiful butterflies? A dragon?

This Coloring Book for Kids has it all. Have your children try it and watch their coloring bring images to life.


- Background music on/off
- Multiple color palettes
- My palette - create your own palette of colors
- Various shades and color nuances
- 17 categories available
- Download your masterpiece in PDF, PNG, or JPG format
- My works: save your art in a private gallery
- Zoom in for detailed coloring

Coloring Book for Kids is made with a special purpose in our minds. We all want our kids to spend some quality time learning, creating, and exploring the world. We live in this moment in time when we all could use some distraction from the world around us. Kids are no exception to that. We wanted our kids to spend time boosting their creative skills, developing imagination, and playing with beautiful colors. The sole purpose of this Coloring Book for Kids is to offer a creative and fun activity for our littlest ones. Embrace the colors!

Benefits of Coloring

Many studies demonstrate the great benefits of colors when it comes to the development of the brain, creativity, productivity, and learning. Coloring has many benefits to our children’s lives. By coloring, kids can improve their motor skills, stimulate creativity, develop color awareness, improve focus... Other than that, the therapeutic effect of colors is well-known from Ancient times.

So dear parents, give your children a chance to strive creatively, to learn the importance and value of colors. Have fun! 

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꼬꼬마 조카 시간 때우기 게임으로 괜츈... 이거 스팀보다 왜 비싼가했드만... 이미지 확장판 패키지라 비싼거였군..
색칠 공부 끝나면 pdf나 jpg 같이 이미지로변환해서 줄수도 있고, 라이브러리도 있고, 생각보다 나쁘지 않네..

여튼 결론은, 애들이랑 놀아줄 때 괜찮은 게임인 듯...

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