Coloring Book for Adults

Boost your creativity with Coloring Book for Adults! Choose from a wide range of coloring pages within the app and experience coloring many different characters, patterns, and objects.

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Coloring Book for Adults offers over 20 coloring pages with up to 30 coloring sheets each. That means that you can color alphabets, numbers, pop art works, mandalas, food, animals, and much more, all within the same app. Pick what you feel like coloring today, and let the colors take care of you. Coloring's proven to be relaxing so if you just need some time for yourself, this may be just the activity you've been searching for. Try it out for yourself! 


- Background music on/off
- Multiple color palettes
- My palette - create your own palette of colors
- Various shades and color nuances
- Over 20 coloring books with up to 30 sheets each
- Download your masterpiece in PDF, PNG, or JPG format
- My works: save your art in a private gallery
- Zoom in for detailed coloring

You already know that coloring boosts your creativity, but did you know that it improves your focus, too? It also gives you a moment of relaxation, a moment for yourself only. Take it!

Special thanks to Tese, AUREL4K, Louvia, Duinegeal, ~ Bearnwyn ~ and thorm81 for creating these amazing artworks. 

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