100 Doors Game - Escape from School

A girl named Mia is locked inside a school. Help her escape by solving puzzles and riddles, as well as finding hidden objects along the way that open the doors of every single room she finds herself trapped in.

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Description du jeu

The main objective in this game challenge is to help the girl escape the room and find the exit. To unlock the door lock, you'll have to find hidden objects and solve some awesome puzzles that include all sorts of mini games. In order to escape school, you need to unlock 140 doors and escape different rooms (some of them being the gym, cafeteria, chemistry, history, geography and what not). If you can't make it by yourself, we got you – there are hints that you can use to help you solve the puzzle or skip the level altogether.


140 levels
16 rooms with a variety of tasks
Hints to help you if you get stuck
Skip option - in case you can't solve a specific level and want to come back to it later
Lucky spin to get FREE HINTS

In order to pass the game, you'll be using your general knowledge of the world as well as some specific areas like chemistry, history, etc. In addition to that, for some of the tasks, you'll have to think logically, for others, you may have to have good reflexes. Overall, it requires a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge as well as analytical thinking in order to solve the puzzles.

*Note for YouTubers: Gameplay and walkthrough videos make this game less challenging for our players. Please, refrain from sharing such recordings publicly.

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