Pixel Art Coloring Book

Pixel Art Coloring Book easily removes your stress! A huge range of colorful pixel art images in this coloring book is for ALL AGES! Relax while coloring awesome pixel art coloring pages.

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What others say:
“I found painting these pictures very relaxing, love all the beautiful and bright colours. When the painting is finished, it is quite an achievement. Thank you.”

Color by number, relax and enjoy while creating your masterpiece! Ultimate de-stress and relaxing coloring by number is suitable for any taste and age. These fascinating pixel art coloring images with easy & challenging pixel art pictures are JUST FOR YOU to relax and nourish your mind.

Pixel Art Coloring Book contains too loveable, too curious, too cute pixel art images to color by number all day long! The game offers a lot of cool pixel art images. Try coloring animals, anime, mandalas, beautiful pop art and many different pixel coloring pages.

Just open relaxing pixel art coloring pages & let your stress go away! Enjoy pixel art from adorable and beautiful to cheeky and funny images!


🎨Categories for any taste: animal, architecture, food
🎨Turn your pics into pixel art
🎨Tools: use magic wand to paint cells of the same color or use a tool to paint entire areas
🎨Zoom in and out
🎨Long press to color continuously
🎨Use different textures & filters and create magic
🎨No stress of picking colors
🎨Color by number in offline mode
🎨Just relax and paint by number
🎨COLOR SPLASH – color pixels of the same color in the entire picture
🎨Color 50% = Tornado??? -----> TORNADOOO!!!

Bring colors and numbers to life! Get Pixel Art Coloring Book and create cool pixel art masterpieces. Pixel Art Coloring Book will take you to a whole new world of colors and numbers. Coloring books have never been so fun!

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아무 생각없이 도트찍는 재미가 있음.... 내가 가지고 있는 사진도 도안으로 만들어서 도트 찍는 것도 가능....

스팀보다 비싸서 뭐지??했는데.. 스팀은 하나씩 도안살 때마다 돈내는데.. 이건 도안이 다 들어있어서 비싼거같음... 뭐 어찌됬든 암 생각없이 하기 좋음... ㅋㅋㅋ
아.. 이거 꽤 오래했는데.. 왜 1분 미만으로 나오징 ㅜㅜ, 게임을 실행하는 상태에서 후기를 남겨서 그런가??

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