The Ball Flow - Nature and Light - Demo


You can explorer beautiful world with magic ball

Adventure, Puzzle
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The Ball Flow - Nature and Light - Demo


Game Description

Thank you for visit my store!

I wish this game can make your feeling better.

I'm solo indie developer. Time, Money, Everything is not enough. So, May this game not enough to you. But! I was try to make nice game!

Major game Feature

The major feature is that you can explore beautiful world.
This game passing you to beautiful 3D land scape.
The world include more than 20+ vegetations species with directors imagination.
You can explore beautiful beach, Mysterious forest, density flower field, Crystal Sea, Undiscover Island, Meadow.
I wish that you feel relaxing while you exploring the world.

Find your own way to goal.

You have to find the yellow goal field for go to next phase.
Find the goal!

Change the Ball's Material for move through.

You can choose four balls.

First, Wooden ball. It can use generous situation for avoid obstacle.
Second, Rock ball. It will defend damage from moving.
Third, Magic ball. This allow you to move faster and resist the gravity.
Fourth, Water ball. The ball can recover your health and mana if you are on the sea surface.


Don't destroy the ball while you explore the world.

The Ball Flow world use physics system.
All of your controls ( such as move the ball, push the object, give the impact to other object, float on water surface, resist the gravity, etc.. ) based on physics system. Because of it, Ball can be destroyed.
If the ball get too much impact, Ball will loose health, and if it repeat, ball will be destroyed.
So, you have to choice proper Ball's material for move the Ball.
Some place is only can passing with proper material. Do not use magic ball only, It can cause destroy the Ball.

Enjoy and I deeply wish that you feel better after playing my game.
Thank you for read all of my store page

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