You are Bellerophon, a hero who dreams of becoming a god and rises to the heavens and beyond. Overcome obstacles and trials to reach the heavens and become a god! But for some reason, Pegasus is the only one who seems excited.

Adventure, Platformer
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Game Description

Bellerophon is a hero from Greek mythology.
With his flying horse Pegasus, he defeated many monsters like the Chimera,
and now you're headed to Olympus to become a god.

Can your spirit of adventure reach beyond Mount Olympus to the temple high in the sky?

It's okay to quit after flying a bit.
His fate is up to you, after all.
Not everyone has to be a hero, right?

The goal of the game is simple. You have to overcome terrain features, traps, and fly endlessly.

- Move and jump Fly with simple controls. Stay focused and you'll never fall.

- Pegasus looks a little wild, but that's okay, use the jump key to tame him.

- You are an invincible hero. No attack can stop you, except maybe gravity.

- Watch out for the flies. Pesky beings and trials of the gods stand in your way.

- If you're afraid of heights, beware of the gameplay.

The game is basically a permadeath jumping platformer.
Yeah... It's the game you're imagining, but maybe a little different.
Because it's always nice to fly through the sky, and it might just reduce your anger and stress.

If you ever imagined as a kid running around on top of the clouds, Unreal Engine can now make that dream come true.

In this world, there is day and night. Enjoy flying through the beautiful sky as it changes from hour to hour.

Collect scattered constellations and stitch them into the night sky to make your journey more romantic.

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