Can Koi, the memory-lost humanoid, become whole again?

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Game Description

💘 Project COY ; Art of Loving (프로젝트 코이 ; 사랑의 기술is

a romance detective simulation game influenced by humanities, existentialism, and science fiction literature. 

Due to a memory issue, the humanoid COY (Koi) loses its memories and goes to school to learn about the emotions that caused the memory issue.

There, Koi builds relationships with six friends and learns about emotions and love. Can Koi regain its memories and become whole again?

What does love mean to you?

💘 Synopsis 

Humans each have their own narrative. And in a human's narrative, forgetfulness is allowed.

My lost memories wander somewhere within my memory space.

Unlike humans, there is no reason for my forgetfulness.

Does losing my memory mean I am becoming more human?

Forgetting something I must never forget is a paradox of my existence.

Therefore, I must find it—the lost memory and the reason for my forgetfulness.

The only thing I know from the moment I lost my memory is that the frequency of my emotions fluctuated greatly.

Why did my emotions waver? Why did I lose my memory?

Will I become whole after going through this process?

💘 Characters Introduction 

💘 Game System  

EP1. Relationship Deduction

Engage in conversations with friends and deduce the relationships between the characters.

EP2. Data and Affection Collection

Build affection and gather information about the characters through keyword conversations, filling up percentage meters with each interaction.

EP3. Choice Strategy

While romancing the characters, choose the appropriate options to deepen your love and uncover the cause of the memory issue.

Our game progresses through six separate storylines, each centered on one of the six characters, resulting in a total of six unique narratives to play through.

The game features six parallel universes. Once you reach the final ending, you can replay all the stories.

💘 Game Values 

This game reflects our contemplation on the concept of love.

We aim to convey that the essence of humanity is love, and from the moment we are born until we take our last breath, we live immersed in boundless love.

Moreover, we advocate for love without gender.

COY (Koi) is a humanoid without a specific gender or predefined settings.

We strive to break free from societal prejudices and frames regarding love and support all forms of love.

프로젝트 코이 설치 불가 이슈 안내 (수정 완료)

게임매니저 2024.05.17 16:03(UTC+9)

프로젝트 코이 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

게임매니저 2024.05.17 13:02(UTC+9)

Game Review

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어... 일단 비주얼 노벨이라 적혀 있길래 구매했었습니다.

근데 플레이 하다 보니 뭔가 이상해서 다시 확인해보니...  시뮬레이션, 전략이 붙어 있네요.

가벼운 마음으로 즐기기 보단 추리해야 하는 게임이네요.

각 인물들의 정보가 주어지고, 특정 기간 동안 대화를 통해서 관게를 추리하고 호감도를 쌓는 방식입니다.

단순히 클릭하고 선택하며 스토리 감상이 목적이라면, 이 게임은 피하셔야 할 거 같네요.

대화를 아무 생각 없이 넘기다가 보고서 작성하라고 해서 대강 썼더니 바로 게임 오버....

기억을 잃은 휴머노이드가 되어서 몰입하다보면 재미는 있을 거 같네요.

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