"Messy UP" is a cute multiplayer game where pets destroy homes to grab the owner's attention. Due to the owner's busy schedule, they lack time for their pets.

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Game Description

"Messy UP" is a cute pet collaboration game featuring cats and dogs~

Due to the owner's busy life after graduation and starting work, there is less time to spend with the pets.

The pets plan to create a big mess at home to grab the owner's attention and encourage them to spend more time together.

After all, what mischief could a little dog possibly have in mind?


Crazy home destruction! Cooperative multiplayer! (σ′▽‵)′▽‵)σ

  • Take on the role of cats and dogs and go wild, wreaking havoc at home! Each pet possesses unique abilities and skills, with various types of pets waiting for you to explore~
  • When other pet companions are caught, you can go to rescue them~
  • Either cause mayhem alone or collaborate with friends to create trouble for the owner. Up to three players can cooperate in dismantling the house.
  • Play as either the owner or a pet, deciding whether to demolish or defend the furniture and lock up the mischievous pets.


Rich game mechnics! ԅ(¯ㅂ¯ԅ)

  • Utilize various mechanisms to dismantle and destroy homes. Fans, soccer balls, doors, takeout food—everything around you can become your tool of destruction!
  • Whether it's at home, on the beach, at the office, or in a castle, any place can become the target of the pets' demolition!


Abundant pets! Extensive collection! (。ò ∀ ó。)

  • Gather a group of adorable pet companions, each with their own distinct personalities that can be freely customized~
  • Collect photos, qualifications, trophies, keychains, and various unique and cute rewards await you~

Expand gameplay! Home building! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  • In addition to the main storyline missions, there are also numerous other gameplay modes available!
  • Build your own adorable pet home through DIY in the home construction mode~

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