Defeat the relentless waves of monsters using various abilities! Critical Orb is a 3D top-down shooting game.

Shooting, Casual
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Game Description

Defeat the relentless waves of monsters using various abilities!Critical Orb is a 3D top-down shooting game.
Choose from a variety of abilities to defeat the continuously advancing monsters!
You must become more critical before the boss appears!

Starting Tips

  • Prioritize choosing the "Extra Projectiles" ability, the "Piercing!" ability, and for resilience, the "Extra Health" and the "Roughly Sharp Thing" for stronger damage.
  • Unspecified random rare abilities activate when your basic bullets hit an enemy.
  • Check out the destructible objects scattered around the map!
  • They might drop orbs that provide advantageous effects!


  • Move the mouse
  • Press WASD
  • Press the arrow keys (↑←→↓)

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