CYBERHUNT is a retro procedurally generated twin stick shooter, that takes you back to the sweet to the sweet arcade machines era!

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Game Description

There are 2 different gameplay modes:

Arcade: Destroy enemies and asteroids to try to beat your best score.

Missions: Shoot your way on 500 different missions

Perfect to play when you want a chill experience, or are in a queue for another game.

This is a small and replayable game with fun score chasing gameplay and lots of missions.

- Gameplay inspired by oldschool arcade games like Asteroids, Galaxian, Space invaders.

- Oldschool pixel art graphics 5 Types of enemies, 5 types of weapons, and 4 PowerUps creates a fun and variable gameplay.

- 6 awesome original tracks.

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변종 Astronaut 게임인 듯

neozest 2022.08.08 15:52(UTC+9)

재미있게 즐겨볼깨요

STOVE83567392 2021.08.11 16:18(UTC+9)

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