Sanguo Ambition 4


A real-time strategy+team competition game, in 189, the Han Dynasty launched a mutual attack and expansion of territories, operating their own forces, and seizing generals and resources until the world was unified.

Strategy, Simulation
Youshen Interactive
Youshen Interactive
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Game Description

Game features

The goal is to unify the world!
Randomly assign monarch roles to each game,
After each round of monarchy upgrade, randomly generate policies that can be issued,
Randomly generate jungle generals from different cities in each round,
Each game randomly generates special buildings that can be built in different cities,
Randomly generated battle locations for each round,
Supports single player human-machine game and multiplayer confrontation, with three matching modes of 8-person 1V1, 2V2, and 4V4, customizable rooms with multiple parameters and difficulty levels, 1-hour high-intensity strategy battles, 103 cities, over 500 historical generals, hundreds of generals skills, 14 buildings . 60 technologies . 36 policies , providing different experiences for each game.


  • Strive to build cities on the front and rear lines, and expand your territory through war!
  • Search around for the opposition generals who serve you, and surrender the generals of the annexed forces.
  • Kill enemy generals, destroy enemy buildings, and continuously weaken their strength!
  • Rapidly develop technology and carefully select research directions to comprehensively surpass enemies in different fields.
  • Issue policies based on the situation, develop a political path that belongs to you, and the policies will serve your strategic goals!
  • Carefully lay out a stable defense line, recruit troops, and always be careful of sneak attacks from temporary neutral forces.
  • Form a temporary alliance through diplomacy to confront strong enemies and seize the opportunity to win the decisive battle!
  • Efforts to accumulate funds and develop special buildings at the appropriate time will greatly enhance our advantages.
  • In the year 200 AD, achieve the prerequisite for expanding territory, transform into an emperor, completely losing confidence in the enemy.

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