Become an pioneer, overcome crises and colonize the island.

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Emba Island was recently discovered and a small group of pioneers moved there to settle.You are one of the pioneers and have decided to join the others in making a new home on the island, despite the dangers of the monsters that inhabit it.

Arbor is a simple game that combines construction simulation and RPG.

Defeat the threat of monsters, produce resources, and develop settlements scattered throughout the area.

On the map

Every action takes at least one day, during which you can move to other areas or perform productive activities such as hunting or logging to gather resources such as food or wood.

If you don't have enough food, you and the settlers living in the settlement will die.

Build a building that acquires food by hunting or increases food production in the settlement, so that there is plenty of food in your inventory and in the warehouse in the settlement.

In winter, food production in settlements decreases significantly.

Develop your settlements by building houses from wood to increase the number of settlers in each settlement and by build buildings that increase the production of resources.

Settlers living in settlements also produce multiple resources every day.

You can obtain necessary resources from the settlement’s warehouse, and when the settlement lacks certain resources, share what you have to help maintain the settlement safely.

Settlers make potions using herbs in settlement warehouses and equipment using ore.

Use the CP you earn for building houses and defeating monsters to get potions and new equipment from the Settlement to strengthen your group in battle.


As you produce or travel to other areas, you may encounter hostile monsters or groups of bandits and engage in combat. Combat is turn-based.

Use your weapon's characteristics to your advantage, such as bleeding enemies with a sword or stunning them with a blunt weapon.

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