A puzzle and maze 3D game that'll stick in your heart. In this adventure, you as HookGUY have to rescue your love LoopGIRL from the clutches of COTTO, a big and bad piece of fabric. But you need to dodge all the FluffyPEOPLE that live in FluffyLAND.

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Game Description

This is one platform adventure 3D with a little bit of puzzle and maze game that is very different from what you are used to playing. In this game, you are a piece of cloth, made with many little hooks, and like Midas transforms everything into gold, HookGUY sticks everywhere, and in every people… particularly in FluffiePEOPLE's: the FluffyLAND population, and the core of the game challenges. With peculiar mechanics, you need to dodge the NPCs that make "mobile mazes", that you can't touch, or they'll stick to you. If it happens your mobility goes to zero, the game goes to the game over, and you need to restart from the last checkpoint. 

The narrative is awesome too: on a typical day, HookGUY was going to his work at the LP store and, on the other side of the FluffyLAND, he saw LoopGIRL, his sweet love.
But COTTO, a very big, bad, and jealous piece of fabric kidnaps her.
And now, you have to help me to rescue my love from the hands of evil!


후크 앤 루프 - 플러피 랜드 어드벤처 출시 안내

게임매니저 2024.01.09 16:24(UTC+9)

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후크앤루프 미세팁 몇가지

겐쥐킹 2024.01.23 16:35(UTC+9)

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