RPG Maker MZ empowers you with simple tools to create your RPG right out of the box, yet is customizable enough to make the exact RPG you want!

Gotcha Gotcha Games, KADOKAWA, Yoji Ojima
Gotcha Gotcha Games
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RPG Maker MZ Bundle S

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RPG MAKER MZ - DS Resource Pack

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RPG MAKER MZ - 3D Particle Effect Pack

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RPG MAKER MZ - MV and MZ Remix Music Pack

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RPG MAKER MZ - DS PLUS Resource Pack

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RPG MAKER MZ - MV Trinity Resource Pack

₩ 37,500

Game Description


No programming knowledge required!

If you love games, surely you've thought at least once, "I wish I could make a game myself." Programming, however, is a huge obstacle that stands in your way. Coming up against such a challenge, perhaps most people have given up due to the difficulty involved.

That becomes quite a loss for the entire game industry, because from among the ideas discarded, there's bound to be creations that could lead to huge, earth-shattering hits.

The RPG Maker series was created to answer the wishes of all kinds of people who have found themselves saying, "I want to make a game without learning programming," or "Could anyone really make a game?"  

A Tool Designed to Make Games

RPG Maker is known in Japan as "RPG Tsukūru." "Tsukūru" is a coined term that, in a literal sense, combines the Japanese words for "make" and "tool." This signifies that RPG Maker is a tool that is designed to make games. Within RPG Maker, we have already programmed the basic operations that support RPGs. Making an RPG is as easy as putting in the stats for your heroes and villains, drawing up some maps, and using a simple eventing system to drive the story to it's finale!

Create an Original Game with Ease!

Included with RPG Maker MZ, we have prepared a wealth of resources consisting of the visual art and music that are needed to make games. All you need to focus on is giving shape to your own ideas. On top of that, for anyone looking for something beyond the materials that are already provided, we have a vast collection of additional downloadable content intended for the RPG Maker series.

By using these assets in combination with your ideas, you can unleash your creativity on the gaming world.  


The RPG Maker Series' Newest Offering: RPG Maker MZ

With new features and enhancements to older features, this RPG Maker is set to become the best RPG Maker to date!


RPG 메이커 MZ 출시 안내

게임매니저 2024.02.15 14:17(UTC+9)

RPG 메이커 MZ 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

게임매니저 2024.02.07 13:34(UTC+9)

Game Review

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