Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG

Collect Angels, upgrade your team, and explore the galaxy in this Idle RPG!

Silver Cat Studio
Silver Cat Studio
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Angel Legion - Cheongsam Series

₩ 6,300

Angel Legion - Sexy Bunny Series

₩ 15,400

Angel Legion - Bikini Set

₩ 3,520

Angel Legion - Special DLC Package

₩ 53,000

Angel Legion - Free DLC Package


Game Description

New living cabins available for you to settle in!

Experience the ups and downs of life with the angels.

Embark on an adventure with players from all over the world!

Lead your team of angels to uncover the ancient mysteries of the galaxy...

#Game Features# 

Gorgeous scene, Extreme experience

3D dynamic scene, unlock when stage passed.

Vast Ocean of Stars, Immersive gaming experience.

Customize your waifu, dress her up with One Hundred of Fashions! 

Idle Anywhere

Free to idle anytime you want, play anywhere you wish.

Angel squad will fight for you automatically when you AFK.

Just wait and relax, you will be rewarded with huge amount of treasures. 

Customize faces of Heroes, Collect exquisite fashions.

You can customize heroes'faces as you like.

Share the exquisite fashions with all your Angels. 

Evolving trick, Changing strategy

You can summon nearly a hundred powerful heroes!

Forming a powerful Angel Squad, forging perfect equipment, and releasing effective skills to stand out in the Star Alliance. 

Boundless universe is waiting for you to explore

In Angel Legion, not only can you explore the vast universe, you can also participate in Battlefield trials, you could even carry out the Expedition.

Discover amazing treasure while you enjoying diverse gameplays.


확인된 이슈 안내 (해결 완료)

게임매니저 2024.05.10 19:35(UTC+9)

엔젤리전 ★ 쿠폰 등록 방법 안내

게임매니저 2024.05.10 19:17(UTC+9)

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살아 있는 giftcode 모음

촉촉한감자칩 2024.06.02 22:33(UTC+9)

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