Survival Circle (Basic)

College students trapped in a collapsed building. Strange things happening inside the building.

Visual Novel, Simulation, Horror
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Survival Circle - Play Package

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Survival Circle - Voice DLC

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Survival Circle Wallpaper

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Survival Circle Artbook

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-About the game
"Survival Circle" is a mystery x romance simulation game.
You can enjoy the story through multiple playthroughs.
In the demo version, you can play up to 1 game.

A group of college students are trapped in a collapsed building. Strange things happen inside the building.
Who is doing this, and why?
Connect with other survivors and find your own truth through a variety of stories!

-Work Features
The game combines the mystery genre with the girly-girl romance simulation genre. You'll interact with the survivors and develop relationships with them, while guessing the culprit based on their conversations and other circumstances.
The game is also based on the premise of multiple playthroughs. You can experience a different story from the first game through the second game. If you play n times... What will happen?

-From the developer
Hi, I'm Hanram, the developer, and I'm excited to announce that we're bringing Survival Circle to the 2023 Wise Demo Life.
We're in the final stages of development and would like to get your feedback before the full release in December.
We'd love to hear your suggestions for story and sound, and we'll do our best to incorporate them!

You can also feel free to leave a review on the store after playing ,
but we'd also like to invite you to sign up to become a tester in the Wise Demo Life community and fill out our
You can also participate in the survey and get rewards! (All participants)
Feedback collection period: 9/26 ~ 10/17 All participants Reward: 5000 won worth of gift icons for the best comments Additional reward: Double reward (5 people)
*Rewards are subject to change depending on availability.

For more information on how to participate, please visit the Smart Demo Life community.

Be sure to check out the must-read announcements on the Community Main and the boards in the Survival Circle!
We're planning more events and rewards in the community, so stay tuned!
Visit the Wise Demo Life community here:
Please note that this community requires you to sign up to view and create posts.

We're also hosting a fundraiser on Tumblebuck in conjunction with Wise Demo Life.
The funding is open until 10/13, and we've got a lot of goodies up for grabs!


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Survival Circle - Play Package


USD 7.63

Survival Circle - Play Package

This package includes the game and voice DLC for Survival Circle. College students trapped in a collapsed building. Strange things happen inside the building.

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Survival Circle - Digital Full Package


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Survival Circle - Digital Full Package

Collection which includes DLC, Artbook and Wallpaper (everything beside the game)

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