Before The Night

Before The Night is a horror action adventure. Try to survive in a small and cute animal village! At night, animal friends turn into crazy monsters! Join the cute pet Lisa's journey!

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Before The Night is a horror action adventure game where you travel through a cute world of animals.

Help the pet human 'Lisa' survive from the cute animal-humans!

Caution: This game is cute, but definitely not designed for children! This game includes functions that allow the player to turn certain NPCs into meat.

There are some precious Flowers of Life in the animal village. Steal what's important to the animals and hit them where it hurts! Revenge is a dish best served bloody!

The rabbits are trying to protect their precious Flowers of Life with various mechanisms like locks or traps.

Different situations require different solutions, and the same goes for getting the Flowers of Life.

-Method #1. Bartering 

Give the rabbits some fresh carrots to get keys or to obtain weapons!

The rabbits go rabid about carrots!

-Method #2. Hammer

Are the "locals" being "un-cooperative"? The hammer can prove very useful in "breaking the ice"!

Use various weapons to "get to the locals' heart"!


Picking the Flower of Life will bring nighttime to the village!

The rabbit villagers infested by the darkness will turn into monsters!

Survive the thrilling chase!

Hide in the bushes or lure in the monsters with food!

Meet many different animal friends in Before The Night's world and survive!

Main Features

[*Meet the cute animal friends who turn into something else in the night.]

[*Listen to the heartwarming stories of the animals.]

[*Turn the cute NPCs into meat.]

[*Give rabbits a carrot and get a hammer for it.]

[*Hammer time!]

[*Play hide and seek with the (once) cute animal villagers.]


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