The Garden of Silvergrass

"Are you living the present?" a romantic visual novel with a Fox spirit!

Visual Novel
아트 오브 텐스
아트 오브 텐스

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Na-ho, a senior in high school, feels free for a short time after taking the CSAT.
However, Na-ho, who was plannign to submit a photo to the Baekhyun Arts Festival as a stepping stone to take a step closer to his dream of becoming a photographer,
happens to meet an older girl named Eun-semi in the silver grass field...
Na-ho, who is shaken from the moment he met her, feels a strange feeling of deja vu from Semi.

Eventually, Naho follows Semi and asks Semi for a favor.

"Can you be a model for my work?"

"Are you hitting on me right now?"

A Korean style romance fantasy that will make you nostalgic and happy-

Now, let's start the story. 




억새밭 사잇길로 Demo


억새밭 사잇길로 Demo

"지금, 현재를 살아가고 있나요?" 여우신령님과 함께 하는 정통 순애 비주얼노벨!

Funding Pack G-STAR2023 Relaxing
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