Sleep Stream is a roguelite survivor that exquisitely combines the fun factors of roguelite with the tension of survival. Host a bloody livestreaming to fall asleep with synergy combinations and equipment enhancements to match her various personas.

Action, Shooting, Casual
Neptune Company
Neptune Company

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🐲🐲신작 뱀서류/악몽을 물리치는 스트리머가 되자!



 Layla is a popular streamer with 2 million subscribers who lives a glamorous life.

 She has always been a fan favorite for her ecstatic and radiant energy, but she can never seem to fall asleep, even when it's late. 

 Her nights are terrorized by abominable creatures and screams initiated by her split-personality disorder, and her senses have now become too dull to distinguish between dreams and reality. 

 "I wish I could fall asleep without this nightmare for just one night..."

 Roguelite Survivors

 Sleep Stream is a roguelite survivor game that combines the gritty factors of the roguelike genre with the pressures of survival. 

 Host a bloody livestream to help Layla defeat enemies and fall asleep using synergies and a diverse selection of equipment customizable to Layla’s selected personality.

 Hidden Personas in Layla

 There are more than 10 unique characters in Sleep Stream. Each character has unique skills, different stats, and specializes in different weapons. 

 However, the moment you realize that they are all just fractals of Layla’s personality, you will gain a new perspective.

 Countless Synergy Combinations

 Each weapon and piece of armor has its own synergies along with unique traits. 

 Tweak them accordingly depending on personality, round, and difficulty. 

 Additional synergies can also be obtained through a three-star upgrade to the equipment, and the more synergies that get combined, the stronger the effects. 

 Keep in mind that only those who utilize Layla’s synergies properly will be able to free her from this living nightmare.

 Equipments with Unique Skills

 The most crucial factor to Layla’s freedom is the best combinations of synergies, weapons, and armor. 

 All equipment combinations must be done in only 10 slots, so be adept in your choices.



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