"GunHunter" - the ultimate VR shooter for intense multiplayer action!

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Play for free with the purchase of Crossfire: Sierra Squad.

Step into the immersive world of "GunHunter" and experience heart-pounding, high-octane gameplay like never before. This adrenaline-pumping VR game takes you on a thrilling journey where you and a friend can team up to become the ultimate gun-slinging duo.

Engage in action-packed battles as you face off against waves of enemies, each more challenging than the last. With a wide arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you'll need to strategize, coordinate, and communicate effectively with your partner to conquer the virtual battlefield.

"GunHunter" offers stunning, lifelike graphics that bring the game's virtual world to life, making every moment feel real and intense. Whether you're taking cover behind barricades, dodging enemy fire, or unleashing a hail of bullets on your foes, you'll be fully immersed in the heart of the action.

So, grab your VR headset, team up with a friend, and get ready for an unforgettable co-op shooting experience in "GunHunter." Are you and your partner ready to take on the challenge and become the ultimate gun-hunting duo? Lock and load, and let the battle begin!



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현상금 사냥꾼 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

CM인디 2023.10.18 13:18(UTC+9)

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