Dungeon Hunter


"DungeonHunter" - the ultimate adventure action VR game that plunges you into the world of cold steel and ancient mysteries!

Action, Adventure
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Play for free with the purchase of Crossfire: Sierra Squad.

Prepare to embark on an epic journey filled with danger, excitement, and untold treasures. "DungeonHunter" immerses you in a richly detailed virtual realm where you wield cold steel weapons and face perilous challenges that will test your courage and skills. 

Explore dark, labyrinthine dungeons, each brimming with secrets, traps, and formidable adversaries. Armed with your trusty cold weapons, you must navigate through the shadows, solve intricate puzzles, and conquer the supernatural creatures that guard the game's hidden treasures.

"DungeonHunter" offers an authentic and immersive VR experience, allowing you to feel the weight of your weapons, the rush of combat, and the thrill of discovery. Unearth ancient artifacts, unlock mystical powers, and become the legendary hero of this virtual world.

With stunning visuals and realistic environments, "DungeonHunter" transports you to a realm where every swing of your blade and every step you take adds to the game's captivating narrative. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate dungeon hunter, or will you succumb to the perils that lie within?

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in "DungeonHunter." Sharpen your blades, muster your courage, and prepare to face the unknown in this VR gaming experience like no other!


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지하세계 사냥꾼 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

CM인디 2023.10.18 13:16(UTC+9)

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