Crossfire: Sierra Squad


Fierce military arcade shooter in VR for single-player and co-op multiplayer. Drop into a variety of battle scenes with 63 missions, 39 different weapons, and 17 types of enemies as you lead an elite fireteam into immersive 360 degree combat.

Shooting, Action, Casual
Smilegate Entertainment
Smilegate Entertainment

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₩ 32,000

Game Description

Drop In and Feel the Impact of this Fierce Military Arcade Shooter in VR

In Crossfire: Sierra Squad, you are the leader of an elite fireteam in the middle of a war. Be prepared for fierce resistance from all sides as you battle a variety of crafty enemies in a relentless search for the truth. 

63 Campaign Missions
Experience the high-quality characters, maps, and gameplay that Crossfire fans have become accustomed to, now in VR. Face fierce firefights between rival factions Black List and Global Risk in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments through 50 squad missions (single-player or 2 -player co-op), 13 campaign missions (single-player) and Horde Mode (up to 4-player co-op). 

39 Different Weapons
Master a large variety of weapons including pistols, rifles, throwable - and throwback-able - grenades, and sniper rifles with revolutionary scope mechanics that give you plenty of options to dispatch 17 types of enemies. 

17 Types of Enemies
Your adversaries are fearsome. In addition to soldiers with seemingly superhuman strength armed to the teeth with the finest weaponry available, you’ll face drones, bosses and vehicles brimming with mercs hell-bent on your destruction. Bring your A-game, because they’ll be bringing theirs. 

Play With Friends
Clearing the enemies out won’t be easy. But if you need help, you can recruit a friend for co-op to conquer the squad missions or grab a few to take on the challenging Horde Mode as a fireteam of up to 4 players!

Warning: Photosensitivity, Epilepsy and Seizure Warning
A small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. If you or anyone in your family have an epileptic condition, consult your physician before playing Sierra Squad. Also, if you or anyone around you experience dizziness, altered vision, migraine, loss of awareness, or seizure, immediately stop playing and consult your physician. 

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[멀미주의] 수동장전 영상 및 설명

CiaRl 2024.02.06 14:58(UTC+9)

Game Review

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준내 어렵네..

일단 마스크 기능 너무 마음에 듭니다.  워프기능은 맘에 안들고 그냥이동은 멀미나서 못하겠는데 마스크 옵션을 키니까 멀미가 하나도 안나고 몰입감도 안떨어져서 좋아요.

글고 자동장전으로 말이 많던데 수동장전이 너무 어려운데 수동을 좋아할수가 있다는 사실이 믿겨지지가 않네요. 아니 그리고 쉬움도 잘 못 깨겠는데 그냥 내 에임이 구린건가... 스팀 vr 말고 vr겜은 vr카노조 이후로 첨인데 걍 스팀vr 안에서 겜 실행하니까 vr로 잘 켜지네요. 피코4 스트리밍 어시스턴트 사용중이고 컴사양은 5600에 3070쓰는데 가끔 화면 튀는거 빼고는 상옵에서 잘 돌아갑니다. 최적화는 훌륭한듯

아참 한글 더빙도 빼놓을수 없는 장점임

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