Lynn, The Girl Drawn On Puzzles

Lynn , The Girl Drawn On Puzzles A story of Lynn, a girl who was transported into an oriental painting.

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Game Description

[ The girl inside the Oriental Painting ] 

Come join Lynn as she ventures inside the warm and beautiful oriental painting created by the Nine-tailed Fox.

Become the little girl Lynn's guide as she escapes the maze.
Solve the puzzle with the girl in the painting, 'Lynn' and unveil the painting's secrets sealed away by the Nine-tailed Fox.

[ Stories from traditional fairy tales ]

Takes place a long time ago, in a faraway land, when monsters and ghosts were often seen by humans.
A story about the girl who is in search of the disappeared Nine-tailed Fox, and its secret diary, uncover the secrets of both stories.

Follow as their fates intertwine, right up to the Heartwarming conclusion, this short story will forever be part of your memories.

[ Challenging Puzzles ]

Contains 12 chapters and over 100 types of puzzle levels for you to solve.
Easily move between rooms, without having to control your character. Easy controls for anyone who wants to play.
Because of the simplicity of the game, the rules are straightforward.
But, to solve the puzzle, it takes strategy and thought.

[ Beautiful scenery and music ]

How about taking some time off to enjoy the stories, scenery and music?

For is it not through the beauty of life and the freedom of the mind that we can enjoy the innocence in the world, and escape the materialistic world?



조작법 선택 기능 추가 및 업데이트 소식

CAPERS 2021.09.10 16:19(UTC+9)

[인터뷰] 그러니까... 대표님이 개발 하신 건......★

STOVE인디 2021.04.27 15:08(UTC+9)

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미완성 퍼즐게임.

STOVE161027656188711 2021.08.25 23:30(UTC+9)

그림보는 재미로 하는 게임

솜주먹달아 2021.08.11 14:46(UTC+9)

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