Kill The Crows

"Kill The Crows" is a fast-paced top-down arena shooter set in the twisted western world. A gunslinger burning with vengeance steps into the ruins of a forsaken town, ready to face death.


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"Kill The Crows" is a fast-paced top-down arena shooter set in the twisted western world. 

A gunslinger burning with vengeance steps into the ruins of a forsaken town, ready to face death. 

Prepare for one-shot, one-kill gunfights using classic revolvers and fanning techniques. A mistake means death, and death is inevitable.

1. Fast and Intense Western Shootouts

  • The player engages in gunfights using a revolver and a special ability called "Showdown".
  • Player, enemies, and even a boss, all fall to a single bullet. Use the weapons and environments given to you to take down as many foes as possible.
  • Prepare your Showdown with your shots, and refill your bullets with your Showdown. Maintaining the flow of battle is key. 

2. Uniquely Designed Cultist Group 

  • A total of twelve types of cultist enemies, including a boss, are uniquely designed.
  • Avoid the precise shots of the Sharpshooters, catch the back of Defenders by rolling. Every enemy has different attack patterns and strategies to counter.
  • Each character features unique, beautiful pixel art animations. Be careful not to get entranced by the Bomber's spectacular animations and get caught in the explosion!

3. Experience-Expanding Tasks and Gear Elements 

  • Complete tasks to unlock new gear.
  • Combine various types of revolvers, showdowns, and passives to create your own build.
  • As time passes, more difficult enemies and bosses will appear. Equip new weapons to prepare for the long fights.

4. The Story of Gunslinger Isabella and the Ruined Town 

  • Why has this once beautiful town become ruins? Who are these figures resembling crows? Why did the gunslinger stake her life to begin this slaughter?
  • Discover the dark fantasy western world and unravel the story of the gunslinger Isabella.





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