Vibrant Frame

An otome novel adventure that captures a slice of life and sweet romance of youths striving for their dreams without despairing over reality.

Adventure, Simulation, Visual Novel
Lumiere Entertainment Inc.
Lumiere Entertainment Inc.

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A story that will capture the most brilliant moments of ours.
Every freshman dreams of the perfect college life—bursting with passion and eager to conquer every challenge. From heart-wrenching love affairs to shaking off heartbreak with a drink, the journey is filled with ups and downs.
But as time passes, reality sets in. Students worry about the future, calculating relationships that might benefit them later.

This story is a slice of life for seniors stepping into the real world, holding onto their dreams one last time.

"Vibrant Frame" is a visual novel adventure game.
Players step into the shoes of the protagonist, ‘Seong Ah-ri’, navigating through the story and utilizing the ‘Shutter Chance’ to pursue the main character, ‘Cha Han-joo,’ unlocking various endings.
Experience a dramatic romance story between you and Cha Han-joo, reflecting our reality with 100% pure emotions.
Follow the irresistible journey of the perfectly charming Cha Han-joo falling for you!

Enjoy high-quality illustrations and graphic presentations, webtoon-like cutscenes, and dynamic spine animations.
The UI and background graphics filled with the sweetness of youth.
You can view the collected CGs, videos, and BGM in the Special section. 

Cha Han-joo, Mechanical Engineering major (CV. Kim Da-ol)

Seong Ah-ri (name customizable) Theater and Film major

Yoon Ja-rim (CV. Kwon Da-ye) / Lee Min-seong (CV. Won Jong-jun) 

Seo Ji-hoon (CV. Park Joon-hyung) / Bae Jung-yeon (CV. Lee Ju-eun) 

A queen-like figure adored by professors in the Theater and Film department.
She prioritizes enjoying life over studying, often skipping classes, using her charming appearance to secure her position.

To her, romance was like a luxury handbag—something easily attainable with a little effort, envied by all. And if it became boring, she could easily replace it.
She enjoys her youth to the fullest.


  • Fans of well-structured otome games with a strong narrative
  • Those who enjoy youth romance stories
  • Enthusiasts of modern love stories
  • Players looking to experience romance with charming characters
  • Fans of otome visual novels\
  • Those seeking sweet, romantic simulation games for vicarious satisfaction
  • Players interested in exploring multiple endings based on in-game events




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