Zelter: Zombie Zhooter

Experience the Zelter brand of pixel-art zombie survival in a brand-new way. Finding yourself isolated in a residential district flooded with zombies, your only choice is to move fast and shoot faster.

액션, RPG, 캐주얼
G1 Playground
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Zelter: Zombie Zhooter


게임 설명

Zelter’s adorable pixel-art take on zombie apocalypse is back and it’s here to let you fight for your survival in a new way. In Zombie Zhooter, you are constantly moving and your guns are blazing. You must make every shot count and progress through the zombie-infested city while fighting for your life and saving who you can.


  • Choose your survivor with a unique loadout and tale to tell; 
  • Stay on the move and make use of both of your weapon slots;
  • Thin the zombie horde and gather items that will aid you and the civilians you come across; 
  • Survive waves and kill off as many zombies as you can during that time;
  • Collect materials to gain experience and get items from the shop between waves of enemies;

With challenging gameplay, intuitive controls, and a hauntingly beautiful pixel-art aesthetic, Zombie Zhooter is the ultimate test of your survival skills. Will you be able to withstand the zombie horde and emerge as the ultimate survivor? Only time will tell. Get ready to fight for your life!

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3D 3인칭 퍼머데스 게임 - 당신들을 방해하는 여러 함정들을 피해 클리어 해보세요!

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나이트 오버로디드 (Knight Overloaded)


₩ 0

나이트 오버로디드 (Knight Overloaded)

나이트 오버로디드는 전략적 로그라이트 게임입니다.

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₩ 10,500

기적의 분식집

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페이블덤 (Fabledom)

₩ 22,500

페이블덤 (Fabledom)

옛날 옛적 어느 마을... 아름다운 동화 속 세계를 배경으로 하는 Fabledom은 완벽하고 잔잔한 도시 건설 게임입니다. 정착지가 성장하는 걸 지켜보고, 이웃 왕국과 동맹을 맺거나 교역해 보세요. 가장 중요한 건, 당신이 한 나라의 왕으로서 영원한 헤피 엔딩을 맞이하는 겁니다!

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