Finding Sparky

Taken away his cherished dog, Tom is chasing after the kidnapper with his small knife. Finding Sparky is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with an unpredictable dark story, puzzles, and action.

Action, Adventure, Horror
Sparky Studios
Sparky Studios

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Taken away his cherished dog,
Tom is chasing after the kidnapper with his small knife.

He faces a snake who's willing to help,
disturbing ghosts, and strange memories full of mysteries.

'Finding Sparky' is a dark, gloomy, noir-style side-scrolling platformer game
with an unpredictable dark story, puzzles, and action,
filled with endless twists and turns.



Tom's Own New Way of Battle - Vision System

Tom is always nervous while dealing with ghosts.
Going through the battle, you'll find yourself extremely narrow in vision.

A Unique and Innovative Boss Battle

Unfortunately, the strategy of 'hit and run' won't work. 


A Shocking Story that You've Never Seen Before

Could it be more desperate than this?

Highly immersive and differentiated storytelling

Cutscenes, camera manipulation, side-scrolling that make you feel like you're watching a puppet show.
There are so many elements that make the game more immersive.


Oh, and most of all,
'Finding Sparky' isn't just a game about simply rescuing a dog.
There's something else. Something important.

What would it be?

...a cat?

I see...

At least, for now.   



Three of Cards


Three of Cards

Three of Cards is a movie-like noir card action game. Help the magician to take revenge on the key characters who have plunged him into hell, and shed light on his path. The process will be very dark and terrible.

Adventure 2D Free
おすすめ 16

스파키를 구해라 Demo


스파키를 구해라 Demo

아끼던 강아지를 납치당한 주인공 톰은 조그마한 칼 한 자루를 챙겨 들고 납치범을 추격합니다. 자신을 도우려는 뱀, 숨통을 조여오는 유령들, 그리고 의문만이 가득한 난해한 기억들과 함께. '스파키를 구해라'는 예측 불가능한 스토리와 퍼즐, 그리고 절제된 액션으로 구성된 2D 횡스크롤 플랫포머 게임입니다.

Action 2D Story-based
おすすめ 1

Cool Summer Festa

Staffer Case:超能力推理アドベンチャー


USD 9.74

Staffer Case:超能力推理アドベンチャー

Staffer Caseは新感覚推理ゲーム!プレーヤーの皆さんには現場で手がかりを見つけ、作成した文書をもとに矛盾点を指摘し、殺人事件に使われたトリックを解き明かしてもらいます。捜査中に突きつけられる謎を解明する度に、事件の核心に近付きます。隠された真実を追求しよう!

Visual Novel 2023STOVEINDIEAWARDS Story-based
おすすめ 127

Chronicon Complete Edition


USD 10.00

Chronicon Complete Edition

Use the magical device known as the Chronicon to travel into the souls and memories of fallen heroes to re-live their grand tales! Epic adventures full of loot and monsters await!

おすすめ 92

The Chrono Jotter


USD 5.99

The Chrono Jotter

The Chrono Jotter is a mystery and suspense visual novel that follows the steps of Ran Ibuki, a high-school student, as she investigates against the clock to discover who's killing her new classmates -- and avenge the murder of her girlfriend.

Visual Novel StoveKor Story-based
おすすめ 61



USD 7.60


서울의 어느 늦은 오후, 카페에서 대화하고 있는 두 사람을 발견한 당신은 그들의 대화에 참여하게 됩니다.

Simulation 3D Good Visuals
おすすめ 18
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