Notes of the Young Lady: In Turbulent Times

A scheduled parenting simulation that raises a girl through turbulent waters.

Simulation, Casual

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Raising a girl through a turbulent upbringing: a scheduled parenting simulation depicting a 6-year growth journey!

The fictional country of Yeondeokuk.The country is going through a turbulent time, with civil unrest and a declining dynasty on the inside and interference from a colorful group of people called "outsiders" on the outside.Then, one winter night, a young girl is found frozen in the mountains and rescued to the Moonlight Village, where she wakes up in a cottage outbuilding.

With no memory of anything but her name, the girl is raised by the moon in a place she's never seen before and must fend for herself until she comes of age!

★ Key Features
Give your child the boost they need with this calendar!

There are over 15 schedules to choose from, rotating every month. As they get better at their jobs, you can promote them and reward them with higher pay and experience.

★ Life management is essential!

Manage pocket money, wake-up and bedtime, and socialization according to your lifestyle. It can affect the child's personality.

★ Go for walks and play

Go for walks and pick up gossip or get a job. With a little money, you can even go abroad to study abroad. You can also socialize with people by the mountains, sea, and rivers, or engage in survival activities such as chopping firewood or gathering cedar! You can even hunt or fight enemies if you have to.

★ Friendship with friends

You can give gifts, cook meals, and more for your friends, and even if you meet up with them through overlapping schedules, you'll find that your friendships grow stronger even after you grow up!

★ 60 different futures for your child, and more than 10 different fruits of love!

Even with the same future, the course of life can change depending on the child's personality and experiences. You can get married and enjoy the aftermath. Read the memoirs of children who have grown to adulthood!

★ A child's memory?

A girl who doesn't remember exactly who she is was brought to Moonlight Village without any year. Her six years of experience have left her with 23 fragments of visions and memories that she can't quite put together. You guys put them together and tell us where she's supposed to be!