Cat Cafe Manager

Renovate your restaurant, befriend the local cats and townsfolk, forge lasting friendships, unravel catty mysteries, and build a home for dozens of unique felines!

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The life of a Cat Cafe Manager awaits! Your grandmother left you a small cafe in the sleepy village of Caterwaul Way, and it's up to you to fix the place up, impress the locals, and befriend the local cat population. Time to roll up your sleeves, break out the tools, and start hammering away. Your cat cafe can be the talk of the town with the right attitude, menu, and of course, the right cats.
That's right, Caterwaul Way is home to a plethora of extraordinary felines. The cafe can become their home, to the delight and relief of the villagers. Who knows, maybe their presence will loosen tongues and help you discover the secrets of Caterwaul Way... cats and take them off the streets, giving them a home.

The cafe is run-down and abandoned by the time you arrive, but it's nothing that a little bit of elbow grease (and money) can't fix.

  • Renovate the cafe, then decorate and expand it as you see fit and create a welcoming place for cats - and people - to relax in!
  • Build up a capable staff by hiring the right people, managing their workload, and helping them refine their skills.
  • Refine your cafe experience further with custom dishes and other menu items, catering to your customer's needs.

A good cafe is more than just a restaurant with good food and drinks. The difference lies in relationships. At Caterwaul Way, that means befriending cats and townsfolk alike.

  • Befriend and build relationships with a diverse cast of local villagers, such as Finley, a young musician trying to make it big, or Bonner, the local ferryman who's got some very tall stories to tell.
  • Look after the local cats, befriend, and, eventually, adopt them. Each stray cat is unique and will make your cafe a little different.
  • Keep your human and feline friends happy to unlock clues and eventually learn the secrets of Caterwaul Way.

Caterwaul Way has a long and mysterious history - and many festivals celebrating it. If you want your cat cafe to become a staple of the village, plan accordingly!

  • Travel the town, interact with the locals, and discover new recipes and opportunities for your cafe. 
  • And, if all goes well, maybe you'll crack the mystery of the crumbling, ancient shrine to an old feline god in the forests near Caterwaul Way...


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Cat Cafe Manager 출시 안내

CM인디 2023.08.18 13:49(UTC+9)

Cat Cafe Manager 게임★커뮤니티 개설 안내

STOVE인디 2023.07.12 13:36(UTC+9)

Critique du jeu

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이게임은 재미있는가 (O)

이게임은 고양이가 나오는가(O)

이게임은 힐링게임인가(O) 

이게임은 한글화가 되어있는가(O) 

카페 건물과 인터리어등 그리고 확장까지 해나가며 나만의 고양이 카페를 만들어가면 되는 경영 시뮬게임

마우스로 고양이를 들어다 놓을 수 있는데 그때 고양이가 귀엽..

그리고 생각보다 여러 종류의 고양이 들이 나온다

emoticon image

우와 이거 건물 부터 경영까지 진짜 할맛 나네요.

뭔가 할 일도 많고 시간 순삭될 거 같네요.

거기다 고양이... 고양이라니...

고양이 나와서 구매했어요.

고양이는 조아!

emoticon image

한글 글꼴이 가독성 좋은 글꼴로 개선되면 좋을거 같아요

전당 다 채우면 직원/배달/좌석 수/ 고양이 수 해금 됩니다

번역 부분이 조금 아쉬운데 힐링게임으로 추천드립니다!

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