A fantasy-themed turn-based tactical puzzle game where you can enjoy interesting intellectual challenges and magnificent stories without repeating!

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Description du jeu

About Monads

"With tactics only, a story of solitary people."

This is a turn-based tactics game with No Grinding, No item.

Test your ability and break through 21 prepared stages.

Summary of Monads

Diverse view

No single protagonist, but every chapter has own protagonist as different character.

You can escape from a dangerous trap on a fugitive's view, then search the fugitive's azit on a chaser's view.

This presentation will provide satisfaction that you are looking at the events comprehensively.

20 main characters who work together and become hostile to each other for their own purposes, whom will you like the most?

Mercy & Will

There's not only a way to fight against an enemy that kills its purpose. Enemy runs away when it is in danger.

Going through a mental breakdown, such as killing an enemy or getting hurt in battle, will make a cut at its will and the character will become obtuse.

Depending on the character's nature, the effects of certain factors may be greater or less.

More sophisticated planning will be needed to minimize both sides' sacrifices and maintain the character's mental capacity.

Never do grinding

It's a fascinating experience to have stronger powers than before, but it's not only too boring but meaningless to repeat the same battles dozens of times. Rewards will only be given if you open up a new story or break a new record.


Tactics is an important part of Monads, but you can play it the way you want even if you don't want to use your head in the game.

It offers a wide range of difficulties from 'Intro' for who wants only to enjoy the story, to 'Legend' for who loves hardcore tactical games.


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v1.16 업데이트를 완료했습니다!

모나드의겨울 2021.08.27 23:01(UTC+9)

v1.15 업데이트를 진행했습니다!

모나드의겨울 2020.11.26 23:29(UTC+9)

Critique du jeu

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고전 SRPG 느낌이 물씬 나는 게임 모나드의 겨울입니다. 이 게임의 가장 큰 특징은 레벨업 등의 성장요소가 전혀 없다는 점이죠. 모든 전투는 전략으로 승부해야 합니다.

 처음 난이도는 입문 난이도부터 시작이기 때문에 플레이 하면서 적응하면 어려움은 크게 없을 것 같습니다.

기능이 여러 가지 있어서 놀랐습니다.

Q키를 통해 시점이 변경되어 놀라기도 했습니다.

다른 RPG 게임들이랑 전투방식이 다르고 스토리도 잘 만들어서 재미있네요

취향에 너무 안맞네요 ㅠ 턴제 나름 재밌는 장르라고 생각했었는데 어째서 ,,, 게임 성향이 예전과 달라져 버린걸까요..ㅠ

패드 지원이 안돼네요. 좀 아쉽습니다

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턴제 전략 게임에서 레벨업 요소가 없는 건 처음이군요. 

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국산 턴전략의 희망 중 하나라고 본다. 2편도 나와있으니 구매 고고

재미는 있는데 다음단계로 넘어가기 전에 특수 조건을 다 채워야 넘어가는 저로서는 시간을 많이 잡아먹는 게임이네요

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