Dragon Chronicles: Black Tears

Dragon Chronicles: Black Tears is a strategic RPG where you use combinations of various heroes to clear dungeons. Train and utilize heroes to fight off those corrupted by the Black Tears and overcome difficult trials.

Strategy, RPG
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Game Description

The Black Tears of those filled with anger and sorrow sweep across the world at an unstoppable pace.

The only hope for this cursed world is this expedition I lead. 

Will we survive to see the end of this story?

■ Character Advancement

This is a strategic RPG with unique skills, attributes, different hero combinations, and more.

Build an expedition that suits your playstyle and make use of various items to seize victory.

20 Heroes, 72 Artifacts, and 180 Imprint Stones await you on your adventure.

■ Town Reconstruction

Welcome! It may look a little rundown and dark, but this place is your home.

Repair the facilities to unlock abilities that will help you on your expedition.

Make clever use of the scarce resources you have, and you may just survive to see the next day.

Reconstructing the Town and advancing your Heroes will aid in your fight against the Black Tears.

■ Adventures and Decisions

A shady merchant, an immortal being clad in burning armor, a floating dragon...

They await you in places you have yet to tread.

Pay attention to the random events and quests that pop up during your journey.

Your choices may lead to your success. Or downfall.

Choose wisely. Who knows what they may grant you...

■ Immersive Visuals

The high-quality graphics of the game will push you into lava pits and fields of ice.

Powerful attacks may be intimidating, but their stunning visuals make them even more terrifying.

Do you have the courage to face these dangers?

■ Unending Challenge

Your enemies will come at you with a slew of skills and abilities.

Their roars may put an unexpected end to your adventure.

But each boss you face will be an experience that will make you stronger.

Don't be afraid of failure. Put your life on the line to excavate Artifacts, regroup, and then embark once more.

The challenge never ends!

Nothing ever goes as planned.

You must answer the call of the desperate and face otherworldly beings.

Steel yourself as you lead your expedition, battle after battle, to the summit of the Ordain Mountains.

Reach the peak and silence their cries!

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